PHP in 2020


Introduction :

Php stands for: Hypertext preprocessor

It is an open-source scripting language. Scripts of Php are mostly executed on the servers.

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Php is free to use and download. PHP powers 78.2 percent of all websites whose server-side programming languages we all know.

Amazing Language:

PHP is very powerful and amazing as well. It is very deep that the largest social network FACEBOOK is running because of it.

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This language is easy enough to be a beginner’s first server-side language.

What Php Exactly Do:

Php used for :

· PHP can Generating dynamic page content

· PHP can modify or delete your DATABASE

· PHP can be used for controlling user access


PHP language is not one of the restricted languages to use by website developers. Just like any scripting language. PHP can be seen as complicated at first glance.



Muhammad Abu Bakar

Abu Bakar is a freelance content writer. He is also a student of Software Engineering. He aims to serve people with his writing.