PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire: Which One is Best in 2021?


When it comes to graphics, both of the games show an obvious difference. Pubg mobile stands out in graphics as compare to Garena free fire. Pubg mobile uses Unreal engine which creates more realistic graphics, while free fire focuses more on an animated and cartoonish display. Both games provide smooth and user-loving graphics.


Multiple vehicles are a feature in both games to move while playing from one location to another on the maps. Pubg mobile has a substantial collection of different vehicles, while free fire has a limited. You can drive mostly either a car or a bike while playing Garena free fire. On the other hand, you’ve multiple advanced vehicles in pubg mobile to use.


Both of the games have multiple characters. The characters in the Free Fire come with unique abilities like quick health recovery and faster reload time. On the other hand, PUBG mobile doesn’t offer characters with distinct abilities.

System Requirements

Free Fire Minimum requirements include:

· RAM 2GB (Recommended 3GB or above)

PUBG Mobile Minimum requirements include:

· RAM 3 GB (Recommended 4GB or above)

Free fire vs PUBG mobile — Battle royal

Battle Royal mode in PUBG Mobile allows 100 players to take part in a single classic match. On the other hand, Free Fire allows 50 payers to play at once. Due to the large volume of players in PUBG, matches are longer, and the maps are larger. For those who want to play small matches, there’s also has a space for short matches.


PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire both of the games have unique features. Finally, it came to know that there is no comparison between these two games. Players like these two battle royal games and they spend most of their time playing.



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Muhammad Abu Bakar

Muhammad Abu Bakar


Abu Bakar is a freelance content writer. He is also a student of Software Engineering. He aims to serve people with his writing.