The Sportsmen Journey

Muhammad Abu Bakar
3 min readDec 9, 2020

As everyone says, reaching your destination is very important, but the journey is important Too.

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It is not all about the end of the journey but the way you follow to achieve that end is more meaningful.

We can see it in unique phases, and every phase is fundamental as crossing every means step nearer to write your identity in the history books.

Let us Look at these various stages:


The beginning of any sportsmen’s career is a payoff for the tough work performed by him in childhood. In technical terms, it is the debut of a sportsman taking his little child a step closer to accomplishing immortality.

And those who can’t push themselves face more difficulties to achieve their identity in history books.


This segment is glittering for any sportsmen the place whatever he touches turns to gold, and he utilizes himself or his talent to the full effect.

It is the phase when something he does, does it right!


A sportsman commonly enters this phase after injuries, accidents, or when his opponent understood his sports mind or his gaming style and chalked out formate to exploit his weaknesses.

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Nothing goes proper In this phase in this segment, and few sportsmen fail in this phase and moves on to a different phase.


This proves to be a cease of any sportsperson’s career when injuries and age begin to take a toll on one’s body.

In this phase, most of the sportsperson realize it is the time to quit and hang up the boots.


This is the duration when a sportsperson has reinvented himself to adapt to the alternating needs of the recreation and to nullify his opponent’s tactics.

The sportsman finds a new lifestyle with non-stop learning and he works hard in the process of turning himself more efficient and effective.


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There are only a few who attain or reach this phase but who do so, not only becomes immortal but also a legend.

Don’t judge any sportsman with his failures or achievements but with the path, he/she follow throughout his career.

Sports social always loves and salutes all the athletes across the world.



Muhammad Abu Bakar

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