Top 3 Budget-Friendly Tips to Look Fashionable

Muhammad Abu Bakar
3 min readSep 3, 2021


Keeping up yourself with the ever-changing trends can be tough and expensive. With every upcoming season, it seems, last season’s clothes to feel frumpy and dull. Although, we follow our favorite social media influencers or celebrities that flaunt the latest trends to look fashionable. But these changing trends cost a lot of bulk that we cannot afford.

Now, the question is how to look fashionable without burning a hole in our pockets? The process of dress fashionably and looking stylish doesn’t need to rack up expenses, as long as you know where and how to select the right pieces. Here are the top three tips to look seasonal with a glorious rich-fashionable look.

Swapping with Friends

If you’ve nice clothes but don’t want to wear them, look for swapping. Rather than throwing or giving away your grunge fashioned and unwanted clothes, see if your buddies are interested. Suddenly, ask them if they have something in their wardrobe they don’t need to wear.

Swapping clothes helps both of you to add new pieces to your wardrobes. Maybe your buddy has something seasonal in her wardrobe but it just didn’t flatter her the way she expected. Using this trick, you can find fun and creative addition to your collection you may not look normally at stores.

Shop Online

Online shopping can have great deals than the actual offline stores. Always consider shopping online, in the case of looking for new seasonal stuff. Online shopping can brings you a large number of new seasonal varieties. You can search for low budget with high-quality seasonal stuff to look fashionable.

Try to get a discount on your desired clothes with free shipping. Online stores come with sales every weekend, consider keeping an eye on your favorite brands and look if the prices touch your budget. Grab your product, order it, and look no further.

Look for Seasonal Sale

The best way to look confidently fashionable with keeping your budget low is to get quality clothes from seasonal sales. At the end of the season, many outlet stores let you shop for cheap dresses, where the prices are slashed because of out — of season clothing.

Many awesome pieces end up in these stores due to making space for new goods and moving products due to inability. This means you’ll find great things at very affordable prices in these stores.


Following the new trends, you don’t have to break your bank account to look fashionable. With the above useful tips and a little bit of creativity, you can live a fashionable life without racking up debt. Tell us below what other tips do you’ve used to maintain yourself with new trends at a low budget?



Muhammad Abu Bakar

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