Top 5 European Countries Everyone Should Visit


France is the World’s most visited country. For more than a decade, this country has lured the highest number of visitors, more than any other country in Europe.


Spain is the second most visited country in Europe. Spain is also one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. From its towering mountains to its architectural masterpieces, hilltop villages, seaside cliffs, everything is numerous. Your eyes will say thank you for visiting these incredible spots.


Italy, home to numerous palaces, castles, vineyards, and beaches, is also known for its incredible art, culture, and architecture. A visit to Italy is worth your time. Italy also attracts visitors worldwide through its famous buildings like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Colosseum.


Turkey is An insane mix of colors, ancient culture, vibrant bazaars, sandy beaches, and dazzling mountains. Turkey is probably a dream of every traveler. Although Turkey is a big country, it’s easy to get around with its high-speed trains, huge public transport, and domestic flights.


Germany is one of the most visited countries In Europe because of its endless beauty. Visitors hardly travel across Europe without exploring Germany. Germany is a wonderful part of Europe.

Final verdict

Looking to visit Europe from now, above mentioned countries are the top recommendations. Paying your visit to these top destinations is definitely worth your time. Words are not enough to explain how these top countries will boost your journey. Happy Visiting!



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Muhammad Abu Bakar

Muhammad Abu Bakar


Abu Bakar is a freelance content writer. He is also a student of Software Engineering. He aims to serve people with his writing.